Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hi, first of all my name is Ronald but some people call me Ron. I am making a blog because i actually like blogging all kinds of interesting stuff from fashion, music, cars almost anything that i find interesting. Music has been a big part of my life since i was born, and by the way I make music. Im down to make any kind of music because I like all types of music. You can hear my music here on the blog or mostly my myspace. (ill post the link on the bottom once im done). I've been making music since i was eight or basically since i was in the third grade and that was when i used to write about some stupid s*** so then i hit age nine and started realizing what life is all about and how serious it can be. so i started making music that came strait from the heart and basically "saying what's real". then once I got up on some music equipment i started doing what i wanted to do which was making music from engineering, producing, composing, rap, singing, mostly anything i had the ability to do. I never like to do the same thing everyday like "same shit, different day".. well the this blog will let you know what im all about so keep in touch!!.. and peace!!!!!! and much love

(music page)

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