Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ron-Doing What I Do

Heres the latest song I've made
give it a listen

Ron- Doing what i Do

The Agenda

The Agenda

1.New Song called "Doin What I do" can be heard at (DONE)
2.Performance June 6th (DONE)
3.Working on Banner for the CFWI blog
4.Cant Fux Wit It Blog coming soon
5.Working on new song's
6.Sumer School :(
7.Performance on July 11th
8.Get Everything back in the work's

More plans to come. ill keep it updated.

and look out or the official "Cant Fux Wit It" blog coming soon.

Back To Blogging

So Yeaahhh, I've been gone for like couple months but now its back in action.
stay tuned for the upcoming posts.